The AFWC (Adventure Fishing World Championship) is a new format of kayak fishing that combines: fishing, strategy, navigation and paddling resulting in a true Adventure!  In 2017 the AFWC will be a 2 day tournament: day 1-lake, day-2 class I-II river. Each day, teams of two anglers compete to reach and catch fish at 3 to 7 eligible checkpoints, in any order,and return to the start/finish before checking at 5PM with the largest total fish length. This is a catch-photo-release,bass, musky, and trout tournament. Checkpoint locations are secret until start-time and there is no suggested route. Routes will be roughly 10 lake miles and 7 river miles, and should take 6-9 hours to complete. PLEASE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE EXTREME DIFFICULTY OF THIS EVENT.

Moving from the flat lands of Louisiana to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the 2017 Adventure Fishing World Championship will be held on Lake Adger and the famous Green River North Carolina. Lake Adger is a hidden gem of the southern Appalachians; home to the state record musky and countless largemouth bass weighing in over 10 pounds. The waters of the lower Green River are filled with rainbow, brown and native brook trout, along with musky and small mouth bass. This 2 day tournament will test each angler’s fresh water skills and be an experience like none before.

There will be NO water or food support on course. Once you leave the start/finish you are on your own. There will be no drops, or other outside support available or permitted. Be prepared for any circumstances you may encounter including, but not limited to: medical emergencies, navigational errors, inoperable equipment, wild animals, and weather.  All teams will be required to carry specific safety equipment. Check rules for more details.